Poster for Lindemann's "Frau&Mann" music video starring Till Lindemann, Peter Tägtgren, Peter Stormare and Svetlana Loboda. 
This poster as well as the video itself was made in late Soviet aesthetics. The poster was composed of pictures I took on set and hand-drawn by talented digital artist Natalia Handoga.
Poster draft and pictures taken on set.
Also I've made some environmental portraits which were supposed to be used in promotional campaign.
Till Lindemann
Peter Stormare
Peter Tägtgren and soviet welcome party
Peter Tägtgren and Svetlana Loboda
And my favourite one made just for fun:
Till Lindemann, Peter Tägtgren and Peter Stormare are channeling The Beatles Abbey Road album cover on Palace sq. in St. Petersburg
Production: STORM
Photographer: Anton Welt
Digital artist: Natalia Handoga

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